Macroeconomic Comment: Abe leaves behind a stronger and more open-minded Japan despite disappointments

09/30/2020 – Shinzo Abe took over Japan as Prime Minister almost eight years ago as a despondent country, while in the early 1990s, it was celebrated as a successful and technologically advanced economic power, but after the bursting of the real estate and stock market bubble it experienced more than two decades of stagnation with recurring deflationary phases. Abe set out to lead the world’s third largest economy to new economic and geopolitical strength with one of the most far-reaching economic policy experiments of recent decades. With Abe’s resignation, it is time to analyze Abenomics’ results, all the more so because the Japanese challenges of the past and present provide critical illustrative material for Western industrial nations. Read more in the Macroeconomic Comment by Peter von Elten, Macro Consultant at Belvoir Capital AG (German version only).

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