Funds Facts: February 2022 Update – Belvoir Global Allocation Fund

03/02/2022 –

  • The war in Ukraine is shaping market activities. However, the downward slide on the markets remains for the time being.
  • Reduction of equity exposure to 77.9% and 100% hedging of EUR positions in the CHF share class.
  • Bond ratio was slightly increased to 7.6%. Liquidity is at 14.5%.
  • In February, the Belvoir Global Allocation Fund was down 4.43% in EUR and is down 11.73% YTD.
  • In February, the CHF also corrected by 4.18% and is down 11.14% since the beginning of the year.

Read more about the Belvoir Global Allocation Fund in the current Monthly Update written by the fund manager Mauro Tempini.

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