Monthly Update December 2021 – Crypto Alpha Strategy ETI

01/05/2022 –

  • Crypto Alpha Strategy ETI retraces 8.5% in December and closes the year up 8.0% since issuance in April 2021
  • Bitcoin and the broad market sold off massively on December 4th with daily losses above 20%, mainly on inflation fears and economic impact from the Omicron variant
  • Central banks around the world announce progress on initiatives on central bank digital currency (CBDC)
  • WhatsApp, Signal, and other mobile chat services are to trial in-app payments with crypto coins
  • German Savings Banks (Sparkassen) to enable Bitcoin for their 50 million client base
  • World largest crypto exchange Binance receives approval from Canada Authority
  • US Senator is planning detailed bill to create a new regulatory agency only for crypto assets

Read more about the Crypto Alpha Strategy ETI in the Monthly Update written by our Head of Investment Solutions, Adrian Marcu.

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