Information Brochure

This information brochure provides information about BELVOIR CAPITAL AG, our measures to avoid a break in contact or dormancy, the financial services we offer and their associated risks, the costs and fees of the financial services we offer, how we deal with conflicts of interest and how we initiate mediation proceedings with the ombudsman’s office. The information in this brochure may change from time to time. The latest version of this brochure can be found here:

For information on the risks generally associated with financial instruments, please refer to the brochure «Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments» published by the Swiss Bankers Association which is available online at

This brochure fulfills the information requirements of the Financial Services Act (FinSA Art. 8) and is intended to provide you with an overview of the financial services offered by the asset manager. Should you require further information, we are gladly at your disposal on the occasion of a personal meeting.