Crypto Alpha Strategy ETI

Daily tradeable via Stuttgart Exchange ✓

Crypto investment for all market phases ✓

Uncorrelated to Bitcoin & Co. ✓

The Crypto Alpha Strategy ETI follows an actively managed and diversified crypto strategy. The aim is to participate in the positive market development in the long term and, with the help of fully systematic trading systems, to cushion negative periods or to avoid them in the positioning. Thereby, transactions in liquid crypto coins, derivatives, as well as (fiat) currencies are executed fully automated based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. AI technology-based trading allows to act, react, and adapt to changing market conditions in an efficient, prompt, and professional manner.

The Crypto Alpha Strategy offers volatility dampening with the aim of maintaining or improving the market return. Overall, the strategy’s risk-adjusted return is expected to be significantly better than that of the overall market or benchmark. Strict portfolio and operational risk management rules are applied to address general and specific crypto asset risks. Key service providers are regulated as follows: BAADER BANK is fully regulated by BAFIN, and BELVOIR CAPITAL AG is a FINMA authorised Manager of Collective Assets.

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Product Specification
Valor 110304963
Structure Exchange Traded Instrument (AMC)
Investment Manager Belvoir Capital AG
Underlying Issuer iMaps ETI AG
Administrator iMaps Capital Markets
Custodian Baader Bank
Technology Provider SpeedLab AG
Stock Exchange Stuttgart Exchange (EUWAX)
Management Fee 2% p.a.
Performance Fee 20% (HWM)
Base Currency EUR
Offering Type Public
Minimum Initial Investment 1 Unit (EUR 1’000)
Liquidity/Pricing Daily (EUWAX)
Inception Date March 2021

The prospectus for the issuance programme of Exchange Traded Instruments in the form of derivative securities got approved by FMA Liechtenstein and can be downloaded free of charge from the website

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