Crypto Alpha Strategy

Daily tradeable via Stuttgart Exchange ✓

Crypto investment for all market phases ✓

Uncorrelated to Bitcoin & Co. ✓

The Crypto Alpha Strategy AMC follows an actively managed and diversified crypto strategy. The strategy actively selects and trades liquid crypto coins, currencies, and derivatives in the crypto market based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with trades being executed fully automatically. AI technology-based trading allows to act, react, and adapt to changing market conditions in an efficient, prompt, and professional manner. The Crypto Alpha Strategy follows an uncorrelated approach to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and/or broad market indices. Its non-directional investment strategy is especially suitable for the highly volatile crypto markets, offering diversification from directional strategies, volatility dampening, and the ability to cushion against specific market risk while capturing further growth and capitalizing on potential market opportunities.

The Crypto Alpha Strategy aims to deliver high and consistent risk-adjusted returns. Strict portfolio and operational risk management rules are applied to address general and specific crypto asset risks. Key service providers are regulated as follows: Baader Bank is fully regulated by BaFin, and Belvoir Capital AG is a FINMA-licensed manager for collective investment schemes.

Product Specification
Valor 110304963
Structure Exchange Traded Instrument (AMC)
Investment Manager Belvoir Capital AG
Underlying Issuer iMaps ETI AG
Administrator iMaps Capital Markets
Custodian Baader Bank
Technology Provider SpeedLab AG
Stock Exchange Stuttgart Exchange (EUWAX)
Management Fee 0% p.a.
Performance Fee 20% (HWM)
Base Currency EUR
Offering Type Public
Minimum Initial Investment 1 Unit (EUR 1’000)
Liquidity/Pricing Daily (EUWAX)
Inception Date March 2021

Belvoir Global Allocation Fund

Investment strategy

The Belvoir Global Allocation Fund is a balanced, benchmark independent diversified fund with a global investment focus. As a rule, at least half of the fund consists of equities and bonds. On the equity side, the focus is on companies that pay a high sustainable dividend from their free cash flow. The bond component is intended to generate regular interest income.

The overall objective is a sustained positive performance with low volatility. This flexible investment approach enables rapid adjustment to changing market conditions. Currency risks are hedged where; at least 50% of the fund assets are invested in the fund’s reference currency.

Fund data
Share class EUR Share class CHF
ISIN / WKN LI0037789380 / A0Q9ZT LI0272042065 / A14QFN
Fund domicile Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Fund category mixed fund, global mixed fund, global
Launch date 30.09.2008 14.04.2015
End of year 31. December 31. December
Use of proceeds accumulating accumulating
Management company IFM Independant Fund Management AG IFM Independant Fund Management AG
Depositary LGT Bank AG LGT Bank AG
Distribution CH, DE, AT, LI CH, DE, AT, LI
Administration fee p.a. 0.2% (min. CHF 45`000) 0.2% (min. CHF 45`000)
Max. management fee p.a. max.1.5% max.1.5%
Custody fee p.a. 0.11% (min. CHF 20`000) 0.11% (min. CHF 20`000)
Level performance fee 10% 10%
Hurdle rate EURIBOR 3 Months EUR Libor 3M CHF
TER without performance fee 1.96% 1.98%
TER incl. performance fee 2.2% 2.49%
High watermark yes yes

Belvoir Global Allocation II Universal Fund

Investment strategy

The fund invests primarily in equities, equity funds and equity-like investments. Depending on the market situation, the majority of the Fund may also be invested in bonds, liquidity and other asset classes. The investments are not linked to any reference index. Investments can be selected from all over the world, all freely convertible currencies and all economic sectors.

For efficient management, the Fund may use derivative financial instruments for hedging and investment purposes on securities, equity and bond indices, currencies and exchange-traded funds as well as forward exchange contracts and swaps.

Fund data
Currency EUR
Bloomberg BELGAII GR
Fund domicile Germany
Fund type OGAW
Fund category mixed funds, balanced, international
Launch date 20.11.2008
Currency fund EUR
End of year 31. October
Use of proceeds accumulating
Management company Universal Investment GmbH
Depisotary Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG
Distribution CH, DE, AT, UK
Administration fee p.a. 0.4%
Management fee p.a. 1.5%
Depositary fee p.a. 0.15%
Level performance fee 10%
Hurdle Rate no
TER without performance fee 1.88%
Performance fee 0.67%
High watermark yes

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