We are your point of contact for all questions concerning your assets. We stand for the holistic support of our demanding clientele. The optimal structuring of your assets is at the heart of our services, in order to preserve your assets even in difficult market conditions and to achieve long-term asset growth.

Liquid investments such as equities, bonds or investment funds form a key component of an optimally diversified asset structure. Depending on your risk appetite, these are put together for you with various weights. In addition, there is the possibility of further diversification to tap new sources of returns by including additional, less liquid asset classes in your asset structuring. Below you will find an overview of the asset classes from which you can benefit as part of your asset accumulation. test

Liquid Securities

Liquid investments are those that are highly convertible into cash or bank deposits. These include money market investments, bonds, equities and investment funds. The great advantage of these mostly very transparent, traditional asset classes is that, as a multi-family office, we can react very quickly to changing market conditions or client needs.

We have many years of experience in this area. We invest considerable resources in the analysis of securities in order to identify the most interesting investment opportunities with an optimal risk/reward ratio for you.

Direct Investments

Depending on the investment horizon and client needs, direct investments can be an interesting addition to a core liquid investment mandate. In an environment of low interest rates and low returns, direct investments can make an important contribution to stabilizing, increasing returns and further diversifying the assets invested. However, this also means that a longer investment horizon is required for direct investments, as the investments cannot be liquidated easily. In addition to the disadvantage of illiquidity, there is also a considerable financial risk for this asset class. Companies that are open to direct investment often do not earn money in their early years because they still have to meet their growth targets. It may therefore take some time for these companies to make sufficient profits. In addition, the capital generated is often needed for further growth.

We have many years of experience in direct investments ranging from venture capital (Series A/B) to private equity (Growth Capital). As partners for our clients and mostly also for our own account, we invest either directly in the companies or with selected partners via their fund vehicles. Our selection process is rigorous. Our credo is always: “We only invest in companies if the founders convince us that their business model is easily understood and scalable. In addition, we almost always invest our own capital or contribute our know-how and experience to the companies. Too large and too complex companies are not our collar-width. We feel comfortable investing in small and medium-sized companies, where we can also add value as a “smart investor”.

Real Estate

Due to its stable value, low correlation to the capital markets and inflation protection, real estate should be considered by every investor as part of a holistic and long-term asset structuring process.

Our approach to real estate differs significantly from the normal “buy and hold” strategy. In the case of real estate, we mainly focus on special situations in which significant added value can be created in a shorter period of time through professional management.

Since real estate is also not free of risks, comprehensive market knowledge is required in order to avoid mistakes and achieve sustainable returns. In this area, we have been working for many years with competent partners who have the necessary expertise and can demonstrate consistent success. Together with our clients, we invest less in “buy and hold” situations, as these are usually already very highly valued. Together with our partners, we identify the most interesting real estate projects, tailored to the respective needs of our investors. This ensures that your real estate commitment is in line with your overall asset strategy.

Club Deals

Club deals have become an increasingly popular form of co-investment. Along with our clients, we organize appropriate deals and take care of the operational support as an anchor investor. This type of syndication enables us to realize investment opportunities that you may not be able to access on your own. The advantages of club deals are obvious: shared risk, more know-how in the merger and thus a more critical review of the investment. Also, larger investments can be made through joint commitments, which ideally leads to faster economies of scale.

A typical area for club deals is the real estate sector and venture capital. We offer club deals to our existing clients and organizes such transactions. We bring our clients with similar interests together in order to jointly implement attractive investment projects and thus create clear added value. In most cases, we also invest our own capital along with our clients.