Fund Facts: September 2021 Update – Belvoir Global Allocation II Universal

09/06/2021 –

  • Seasonality struck again in September
  • AMD remains in focus: correction target reached
  • Belvoir Global Allocation II Universal fund records -3.4% in September

The month of September is statistically the worst stock market month of the year and so also this year the highs reached in the stock indices were sold off.

Also this month, the focus remains on AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), as the expected correction mark has already been reached and thus the title in the fund was restocked about 10% lower than at the selling price in August. Otherwise, no changes were made to the holdings.

Read more about the Belvoir Global Allocation II Universal Fund in the Monthly Update of September 2021, written by our fund manager, Fabian Schenkel, Msc.

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