Funds Facts: July 2021 Update – Belvoir Global Allocation Fund

08/04/2021 –

  • Impaired sentiment due to spread of COVID-19 delta variant
  • Most notable development in the bond market is the decline in 10-year US government bond yields to below 1.2%
  • Belvoir Global Allocation Fund down slightly in July due to China turbulence

The global economic recovery continued in July, with steady progress on vaccine rollouts and further easing of restrictions on economic activity in several major developed markets. However, sentiment was affected by the spread of the delta variant of COVID-19.

The Belvoir Global Allocation Fund was down slightly in July due to the China turbulence. The Belvoir Global Allocation Fund contains Chinese large cap stocks such as Tencent, Meituan,, Moutai, and Alibaba. All stocks are currently trading at compressed valuations. The following 52-week returns have historically been very high.

Read more about the Belvoir Global Allocation Fund in the Monthly Update of July 2021, written by our fund manager, David Klingenbeck, CFA.

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